Do you want a store that will work for you? Online store automation

Do you want to create an online store that will work for you?

Save yourself from routine work and constantly repetitive procedures.

We have provided many modules on . Automatic mailing of availability alerts, collection of your customers' email address base, sales statistics, order statuses, auto-loading of price lists from third-party services, payment systems, delivery methods, sending orders to other sites and programs, A / B testing, tracking sales sources, customizable XML uploads for various product aggregators, automatic import from multiple sources, group editing and much more has already been implemented for you.

Let's consider some processes to simplify the work with the online store.

Automatic import of products provides the ability to automatically import products from different sources, in different formats. To do this, you just need to specify a link to the source to download the file with the goods. The system will process the data itself and upload the products to your store. Thus, you can easily replenish your assortment and save time on manual entry of goods. Both the import of new products and the update of an existing assortment are available. allows you to automatically update prices and product balances. This is especially important for stores that have a large number of products. Thus, you can avoid errors in balances and prices, as well as reduce the time to update information on the site.

Automatic mailings allows you to configure automatic mailings of letters according to specified scenarios. For example, the mailing list "They buy from goods", "Mailing list on availability", "Mailing list of offers to leave a review", "Mailing list of information about buyer's bonuses" and others. This will help to keep the client and make a repeat purchase.

Uploading goods to advertising sites allows you to upload goods to advertising sites such as Google Merchant,,,,, Yandex Market and other sites. To do this, you just need to configure the appropriate module and specify the upload parameters. This will help you attract new customers and increase sales.

Sharing and uploading orders

Sharing separate access will help you process orders. You can add an order processing manager with limited access, as well as see the order history in case it changes. We made sure that a snapshot would be created in each order when it is changed. Each order will be assigned its own Manager, so you can control the sales process in a more convenient way. In addition, on the platform, it is possible to set up uploading orders to an external source, for example, to your own CRM system.

Automatic insertion of descriptions

On the platform, you can create blocks with product descriptions depending on their characteristics. For example, if you sell "Jewellery", with "Amethyst" and "Swiss Topaz", then mineral descriptions are automatically inserted in the product description. Similarly, you can fill in any descriptions, greatly simplifying the process of filling out product cards.

This way you can automate both store filling and advertising campaigns - without a lot of routine manual work. And also simplify the order processing process.
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