Website Builder Review - SaaS is a platform for the free creation of sites and online stores, as well as a catalog of enterprises, goods and services, which automatically places all the goods of your stores and enterprises.We work on SaaS principle/rental software for you!

What can we do with us?


On the platform you can create a full-fledged Web site and online store with many modules and provided functions.


How does our service work?


 We work on the principle of SaaS (Software as a service), providing our software product for rent.    


Why free?


On the service you get a free website and hosting, and we place a small advertisement on the pages of your website. You can pay for disable ad or manage the position of the ad unit for free.    



You can connect templates from of our catalog, or use our Design Editor, in which you will have the opportunity to change most of the objects on your site.   In the design editor you can specify the colors of the menu, content, links, text, type of the main menu, the header and bottom of the site and much more ...
You can create your own menus, Header, Footer, Mobile Menu (Custom Mobile Menu Widget), your own CSS styles, as well as HTML objects to style your site...


On the platform, you can create a full-fledged online store with integrated payment systems, your own categories, your own product characteristics, your own brands/manufacturers, your own delivery methods, description tabs, search by characteristics, tracking delivery status, and more. In addition, you can use widgets to display some data. For example, a widget with goods, which allows you to display the necessary products on any page of the site. Widgets are available with categories, articles, products, pop-ups and others.

You will be able to create a catalog with your products and services and use many built-in functions:

  • Own rubrics and producers
  • Cart and sales statistics
  • Online payment (the ability to connect payment systems)
  • Delivery methods based on cost or region
  • Product features, search filter and comparison
  • Uploading products to CSV, XML and JSON, Google Merchant and Yandex Market
  • Own exchange rate + automatic update
  • Built-in A/B testing
  • Built-in order source tracking
  • Import products and categories (XLS, CSV and XML support)
  • Customer groups and discount systems for them
  • Ability to generate invoices for online payment without a shopping cart
  • Automatic import of goods and integration with various programs
  • And much more...
  • You can check out some of the features below...

    In the product description you can use your own tabs, and many parameters.

    For each product, you can set a countdown timer, stock, discount, price reduction and other parameters.

         You can use the generator of the list of categories and the number of products in them.

    It is possible to connect payment systems on the platform:,, ,,, Web.Money,, YooMoney, and more...


    Product Types

      You can divide the goods by their types, and indicate your own characteristics for each type of product.

    How to use it?

      For example, you can create an «Sneakers» product type.  
      You can specify several parameters for this type:  
    • Color
    • Appointment
    • ...

    You can set preliminary properties for each of the parameters.
    For example, Color:
    • White
    • Black
    • Blue
    • ...

     Once you have created your own parameters, you can use them in the product description.
    In addition to adding these parameters to the product description, these characteristics can be used in the search filter.  

     Product specifications can be exported and imported (fill out using excel).   

    Search Filter

    The specified properties in Product Types can be used to create a search filter.
    To enable the search filter, create a search menu in the menu editor.


    Product comparison

    You can enable product comparison in your store settings. Fields for comparison can be specified in the Product Types and Features settings.



    You can install a large set of trim levels for your products. In the configuration, you can specify any parameters, insert images and specify the parameters for changing the price.

     Description descriptions will be displayed when you hover on its name.
    You can configure various ways to display the configuration (in the form of a list, pop-ups, buttons with tooltips, and others).

    When choosing a configuration, the Price will automatically change.
     After adding goods to the basket, their equipment will be additionally displayed.

     Also in the statistics of sales information will be displayed on the configuration indicating different prices.

    In addition, in the statistics of sales tracking of sources of orders and other useful functions are available.



    You can specify the delivery parameters for each page, city and postal service. By specifying the postal service you can set a note and delivery price.

    When placing an order, the buyer can choose the desired delivery service. After placing an order, you will be able to set the TrackID and a link to track the delivery. TrackID information will be available to the customer.

    You will be able to provide the buyer with the choice of delivery in a simplified form, directly in the order form.

     In the description of goods, you can also insert an additional information block or delivery terms by filling them in the General settings of the site, in the tab «Shop«.

     The additional block can be designed in any style.


    Sales statistics

    Each order that is placed on your site will be added to the statistics of sales, as well as sent to you in the PS and by e-mail.

    When paying for an order through a payment system, you will see an additional icon.

    Detailed information about the order will contain additional fields, notes of the seller and the customer, as well as detailed information in case of payment through the Online payment system.

    In addition to order statistics, you can track events such as:the addition of goods to the basket, the removal of goods from the basket, the transition to checkout and more.
    You can enable Ecommerce reports, track conversions, and more.

    Manufacturers and Collections

    You can create your own list of manufacturers and point them to your products.

    After you indicate the manufacturer of the product, it can be displayed in the product description.

    In addition to a reference to the manufacturer in the product description, you will have your own section with a list of all products of this manufacturer. You can also specify descriptions about manufacturers and create multi-level lists with information about them ...

    In addition to "Manufacturers", you can specify "Collections" for products.
    For example, group clothes, jewelry, and more.
    Each collection is implemented as a separate category with its own settings and meta data. The list of "Other products from this collection" can be displayed directly on the open product page.

    Forms to submit

    In addition to the usual Feedback Form built into your website, you can create full-fledged multifunctional forms for sending various data.
    Form data can be sent not only to your website, but also to any third-party server. In the form, you can specify the type of data to be poisoned, and the type of encoding, and the labels for the buttons, and the text of the messages in case of error or successful processing, and specify a protective image, and much more.
     The fields of the form can be flexibly configured, specify a check for compliance with the data type, mandatory filling, and much more ...

    For example, you can create a form for ordering a site with the required fields.  
    In the form, you can poison any data, as well as files.

    The result of the form from the example is shown in the image below.

    Article Directory, News, Blog

    You can create your own blog or catalog of articles with your own categories, as well as a news feed.  

    Data will be exported to your own RSS feeds.


    HTML Editor


    Our platform has a built-in HTML editor that you can turn on or off at any time.    

     You can embed any HTML data.


    File Management


    You can upload files and manage files, as well as create your own folders.

      When downloading images, you can automatically install Watermark (protective image/Watermark) over the downloaded image.
      Watermark can also be automatically installed on product images.

    SEO and Promotion Modules


    You can use our built-in scripts to publish your data to other resources. When creating data with us, you can specify Meta headers, Meta descriptions, Title, and other data for SEO. Using tags, you can get a competent linking inside your site. For almost all types of data, as well as for goods, an RSS data feed will be created.

       On the platform, you can create a competent structure for your site, and significantly save on promotion.
     Additionally, all your products will be published in our International Directory, with direct links to your sites.


    Examples of basic functions are collected on this page. You can find many other equally important functions and descriptions in the Admin Center and Admin Panel.



    An additional feature of the store’s implementation in our country is that its products will be available not only on the pages of your store, but also from the general “Catalog of enterprises, goods and services» (more than 50,000 headings with separate pages for each of them).
    And we also have a separate database of manufacturers, which may include your products.
    You will have many built-in useful functions, sales statistics (customer database), downloading data from your sites and much, much more. other ...

      When ordering, the buyer will be redirected to your website, where he can complete the purchase, indicating the delivery method and other parameters.