Ukrainian Shopify or where to create an online store in Ukraine?

Ukraine is known for its potential in information and technology spheres. Among them is e-commerce. Due to the presence of developed infrastructures and a large number of programmers, Ukraine has the potential to create modern and convenient platforms for online business. One such platform is - Ukrainian Shopify is a Ukrainian platform for creating online stores, created in 2018. During its existence, has been able to gather a large audience of users, among which there are not only Ukrainian enterprises, but also enterprises from Europe and the USA. offers its users a simple and convenient system for creating online stores. Unlike many other platforms that offer ready-made templates, allows users to create their own designs and customize them to suit their needs. Store visitors are given the opportunity to conveniently search for products, as well as view product description pages, which can contain many parameters, characteristics, comparisons and varieties. also allows you to create different delivery and payment options. In addition, the platform has advanced capabilities for sales analysis, which allows users to conduct efficient business.

One of the advantages of is its low cost compared to the world's peers. In addition, platform users can get free hosting, with some restrictions.

The platform has a fairly simple and intuitive interface that allows users to easily create their own online store. The intuitive process of creating an online store allows users to save time and focus on promoting their business. provides its users with free technical support, which is the most important factor for the successful operation of an online store. Users can ask for help at any time and get an answer to their question as soon as possible. also has a large number of integrated payment systems, which allows users to pay for orders using any payment system, convenient for them. also offers its users the opportunity to expand the functionality of the store using widgets. This allows users to use the additional features they need to grow their business. For example, a widget for creating a mobile menu, or a function for collecting customer email addresses, integrating with social networks, collecting reviews, and many others. also has the ability to integrate with various marketplaces such as Google Shopping and Facebook Shop. This allows users to expand their audience and increase sales by using popular platforms to sell their products. Among the Ukrainian marketplaces, the following are available:,,, and others.

In addition, offers different service packages depending on the user's needs. Users can choose the package that best suits their needs and budget. This allows users to effectively use their funds and get the most out of their online store. is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to set up their own online store. offers various tools for marketing and promoting your online store. For example, users can set up email newsletters, social media campaigns, and other tools to attract new customers and increase sales.

The platform allows you to create both small online stores and huge, multilingual hypermarkets , with automatic exchange rate conversion, uploads for creating advertising campaigns, automatic creation of blocks with descriptions of goods depending on their characteristics, separate access for managers, various delivery methods, payment and pickup points, a built-in balance accounting system. Integration with third-party services and CRM is possible. There is a system of discounts on the access platform, as well as a Cashback bonus system with flexible management. Retail and wholesale prices, as well as product varieties (for example, different sizes or colors) are available. You can try the functionality of the platform for FREE.
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