Why renting an online store is a benefit?

Why renting an online store is profitable?

Let's consider a specific example. How much does it cost to develop an online store from scratch?
How much time should be spent on thinking through the structure?
How much effort does it take to explain to programmers what you want from him?
How much time and effort should be spent on studying various marketing researches, technologies and achievements in online sales?

It is enough to answer these questions and you will understand that renting an online store is much more profitable.

A huge team thinks over the structure of the site, introduces new technologies and tests them. Develop an online store from scratch Costs from $700. After that, you will constantly pay for bug fixes and improvements, updates, hosting and site maintenance.

Let's consider the benefits of renting an online store

For example, on the hotlist.biz platform, rent costs only about $3. You get free updates, free technical support, hosting and a multifunctional store.
The store will immediately provide sales statistics, import-export of goods, its own delivery methods, its suppliers, its characteristics for goods and even a search filter.
That is, you can create an online store of any complexity, with a search filter for various parameters, a mobile menu, and many other useful features.
In addition, a lot of marketing developments, an order monitoring system, communication with the buyer and many, many other useful features. This is just a brief example of how profitable it is to rent an online store compared to developing it from scratch. In addition, you will learn about many of the latest features immediately by trying them as they are implemented in the platform, and without charging you for it. Some owners think that it is more profitable to have the source code of the site, their own engine, etc.
However, when applying for placement on a regular hosting, you may encounter a number of problems, for example, unstable servers, lack of high-quality monitoring, process overload, while the cost of hosting is not cheaper than the cost of renting a store. And also you will need to refine all possible functions on your engine, such as import export integration with 1, seo modules and much more! The benefit is obvious!

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