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You can create a standard form automatically:

Créer un formulaire standard "Rappel", "Poser une question" et etc.
When automatically creating a form, a code will also be added (a Block/Menu named CODE_FORM_SCRIPTS_FILE) with a code for pop-up windows, with different options for fields for sending data to the created form. The path to the file with the code is <script type="text/javascript" src="/en/templates/scripts/code_form_scripts.js" async></script>. If you need to change the file, open it and copy the code into the Block/Menu created earlier in tags <script>CODE</script>. For the built-in functions to work, for example, pop-up odds in the Mobile version, you must install the above code.


A form is a section of a document that allows the user to enter information for subsequent processing by the system. On the platform, you can create full-fledged forms, with the binding of names, id and class's for the fields.

Form data can be sent not only to your site, but also to any third-party server. The use of an answering machine is available. In the form, you can specify the type of data to be sent, and the type of encoding, and captions for buttons, and the text of messages in case of an error or successful processing, and specify a protective image, and much more.

The form fields can be flexibly configured, check for compliance with the data type, required filling, and much more.

You can send any data in the form, as well as files. When sending files, it is possible to use an array of data using one object name. Such a function may be needed when creating one field for attaching multiple files using JavaScript.

Some tips:
If you are creating a form for processing on your site, then in the form submission address it is enough to indicate «#». If you will use sending files when sending, be sure to specify the «POST» method, and Enctype - «multipart/form-data». To send data to your email address - indicate in the field «Result when sending to the internal address» - «Send the result to the mail and to the Private Messages». In this case, messages will be sent not only to your mail, but also to private messages.

Recommendations for styling forms:
    You can style your forms in CSS site styles, for example:

      #form_id { position:relative; width:100%; max-width:550px; margin:0 auto; text-align:left; }
      #form_id label { display:block; margin:10px 0px 10px 0px; padding:5px 0px; clear:both; }
      #form_id label span { float:left; display:inline-block; width:300px;}
      #form_id label span:first-child { float:left; display:inline-block; width:170px;}
      #form_id table { margin:30px auto; }

    In this example, the width of the header field is 170px and the values ​​are 300px;

You can create a standard form automatically:

Créer un formulaire standard "Rappel", "Poser une question" et etc.

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